The Importance of Lab Equipment Calibration and How to Manage I

November 12th 2021

Calibration refers to the quality and accuracy of data recorded and measurements taken by a piece of equipment. When equipment is used, over time it naturally loses accuracy to some degree. The measurements can sometimes drift for certain parameters such as pH, temperature, weight and humidity. To ensure this doesn’t affect overall data management, and results the equipment must be calibrated ongoingly. This must happen regularly and continuously all throughout a piece of equipment’s lifetime to obtain accurate, reliable, repeatable measurements. This is especially crucial for labs that need to maintain certain accreditations and work to certain standards.

Calibration serves to minimise any inaccuracies and uncertainties by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment. It should work to quantify and control errors within measurement procedures, and keep inaccuracies to the minimum acceptable level.

Data Integrity

For many industries, such as the pharmaceutical sector, data integrity is of the upmost importance. These highly regulated sectors must be trusted 100% to produce accurate data recordings in order to ensure they are manufacturing high quality, safe products. Maintaining data integrity is the way to achieve this. Improperly calibrated equipment can result in inaccurate data, which in turn can result in failed audits and ultimately, the prevention of operations in the lab. Calibration data, must be fully traceable, backdated and unmodified. One way to do this, is to use data collection technology to fully automate the data collection process, and eliminate any human error.

How Can Using Data Collection Technology Help?

· Maintain your instruments to standards required by FDA regulations

· Assure 21CFR Part 11 compliance

· Maintain an audit trail for all your equipment

· Manage calibration schedules

· Get maintenance tasks alerts

· Eliminate human error

· Reduce maintenance and operating costs

· Data available immediately, including backlogs for each instrument

Monitor Your Calibration Data with VIDA

VIDA can connect to your lab instrumentation, accurately record data and securely transfer the data across to any LIMS or internal database. This will be recorded along with all metadata supporting the recordings, such as timestamps, and who took the measurement. This is crucial for calibration, as it allows a complete trail of all data, and can be accessed instantaneously from anywhere within the business.

Contact us today to find out more about how VIDA can make calibration of your equipment stress-free, streamlined and simple.

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