January 21st 2021

The year 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses worldwide. However, amongst the uncertainties and the restrictions of the global pandemic, we have been working hard to adapt a new and safe approach to ensure we can keep rolling out trials of VIDA to as many labs as we can.

VIDA has been designed to ensure a seamless flow of data throughout your lab, capturing results directly from studies to eliminate the loss of raw data, making research more accurate and recordings guaranteed. VIDA is available globally for a 30-day trial and is still available during the Covid-19 period.

Below we have outlined some of our most positive highlights of 2020 and have provided insight into what is to come in 2021 for VIDA.


The pandemic has made a lot of businesses rethink and reapproach their strategies and it was no different for us. In order for us to continue to help as many labs as possible in introducing them to VIDA, we started by reorganising our online presence. The safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance and we take adhering to the government guidelines very seriously, so in reconsidering our online facilities, we have been able to continue to build relationships with lab teams worldwide, despite the global travel restrictions.

Earlier this year, we launched our brand-new VIDA website which allows our customers and new connections to interact with us directly, instead of through our parent company website Martel Instruments. This has enabled us to provide people with a broader insight into VIDA and how we operate, as well as more information on the benefits and capabilities of VIDA and the technical specifications for how it works and how it can be configured and integrated into labs.

Also, due to not being able to attend any of the events we had planned throughout 2020, and to demonstrate VIDA with lab professionals face-to-face, we created an animation video to display how VIDA works. The video showcases VIDA in an animated lab environment, so people can more practically understand how VIDA connects to lab equipment. It shows how VIDA tracks and stores data, and how it links to LIMS and ELN systems. This has proved to be a very useful tool throughout the pandemic, and we will continue its use throughout 2021.

In addition to this, throughout 2020 we have been providing live demonstrations to lab managers and professionals via Zoom, showing them how VIDA can be set up within labs and talking them through the process. If you would like to arrange a zoom demonstration with the VIDA team, please contact Joanne Hockaday at

In addition to the substantial advancements in our online presence this year, one of our major highlights of 2020 was our recent announcement that VIDA is now set for distribution into the US market. We are thrilled to have recently passed the necessary legal compliance standard, the 21CFR Part 11 accreditation, which enables VIDA to be trialled and sold in the US. Having already successfully trialled VIDA in laboratories throughout the UK, we are now able to take VIDA to an international level and extend its possibilities to impact data collection in labs outside of the UK.


Although 2020 has come to an end, the expansion of our newly established online presence has only just begun, as we plan to continue to grow and develop our innovative online tools throughout 2021. This includes our online demonstrations of VIDA and our attendance at online events such as the Pittcon Conference & Expo 2021. If you would like to set up a meeting with the VIDA team during this event, please contact us and we will be delighted to speak with you.

We will also be continuing to circulate our regular e-newsletter to those who would like to stay up to date with our latest news throughout the pandemic, such as product updates, events we are hosting and attending (both online and offline), as well as the latest industry news and Covid-19 updates. You can subscribe to our e-newsletter via the signup form at the bottom of any page of our website.

Also coming up in the early months of 2021, inspired by the success of our online demonstrations and animation video, we are aiming to launch our brand new interactive experience, VIDA Connect. This VR experience will enable lab managers, technicians and teams to experience how VIDA can work within their own virtual lab and practice using VIDA with their own lab equipment, seeing for themselves the practicality and effectiveness of our revolutionary data collection technology. Sign up to our e-newsletter or keep an eye out on our news section of our website for updates on the development and availability of VIDA Connect.

Despite the difficult start to 2021 following the recent national lockdown in the UK, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are optimistic about the year ahead and connecting with more labs throughout the world to help them with their data collection processes.

As always, we accredit our success to the dedication and expertise of our team, and we are very much looking forward to the next chapter for VIDA.

For more information about VIDA, its benefits and capabilities, trialling VIDA in your own lab, or to enquire about arranging a zoom demonstration call, please contact us today.

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