Man vs Machine: Why Automation is Taking Over Labs

August 11th 2021

Whether you love or hated automated labs, there are undeniably several advantages to setting one up. There is a lot can be said for manual pipetting, and it is dearly loved by many scientists, which is perfectly acceptable. However, if you are running a business, you must take other factors into account as well. Some of the reasons automation are detailed below:

  1. It reduces error

Human error is inevitable among even the best scientists. The most common areas where error can enter the process is pipetting and data collection, therefore a fully automated assay instrument, or integrated LIMS system can ensure 100% accuracy.

  1. It increases productivity

Not only can lab work become boring and repetitive, which can affect staff productivity, it also can be quite laborious. A machine can perform higher volumes of assays in a far shorter time and record much higher volumes of data sometimes instantaneously. This frees up the time of the scientists to be spent on other more productive tasks such as writing papers, generating ideas, or attending meetings.

  1. It can save money and energy

Due to machines being the most optimal they can possibly be for recording data it also downstream will save money and energy. This is down to the optimal use of time and resources.

  1. It creates a safer working environment

Automated labs can be safer in a number of ways. When referring to automated assay performing machinery, it reduces human contact with potentially hazardous materials. Machines also do not get tired and more likely to cause accidents. For an integrated data collection technology, it does not require paper. A paperless lab is safer because there is less clutter lying around in the lab, less surfaces that may become contaminated, and less things for humans to have to do, meaning that they can pay more attention to being safe.

  1. It is fully configurable

Whatever you choose to automate, can probably be done. Your exact workflow can be optimised completely by machinery. Data collection technology, or a fully integrated LIMS system can generally be linked to any of your current systems. The data can be securely transferred directly to any of your systems, to be accessed anywhere at any time!


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