Going Green: How can i improve the sustainability of my lab?

July 26th 2021

In a time where becoming a sustainable business is ever important, there are a number of way in which a laboratory can become more sustainable by going green to help the planet for future generations. It is arguably more difficult for a laboratory to become completely waste-free due to the high volumes of plastic used in the forms of consumables, but even this can be cut down to the minimum. One of the biggest ways a lab can cut back its waste is paper waste, but below are some of the other potential sustainable choices.

  1. Order consumables from companies which offer recycling schemes
  2. Reduce incubator storage space by using the smallest flasks or petri dishes possible and stacking them in in a tight fitting, orderly fashion
  3. Use consumables with recyclable packaging
  4. Switch off all equipment when not in use
  5. Shrink down equipment to the smallest possible options for your workflow
  6. Make sure all equipment is running effectively, keep on top of maintenance and cleaning to ensure energy is not being wasted
  7. Go paperless!


Going paperless is a very achievable goal for any labs nowadays with the introduction of LIMS systems that remove the requirement for any paper records, by linking up to your instrumentation and automatically recording everything you will need.

Paper waste is a huge problem, and from 2010 to 2060 the global consumption of paper is expected to double, and with that, follows paper waste. Paper does not biodegrade, so this is a massive issue, but aside from that there is a huge environmental impact associated with paper production.

From 2001 to 2019, 386 million hectares of forest were lost across the globe, which amounts to about a 10% decrease. In every 15 seconds, 199 tons of paper is produced, and for every kg of paper produced, 324 litres of water is required. That amounts to 10 litres of water for every single A4 sheet. For every business, 50% of it’s waste is predicted to be paper waste. So it is clear why this is a huge problem.

If you want to go paperless, VIDA by Martel makes all that super easy. It can link up to all your current lab equipment and securely transfer data to any of your systems, meaning you can access it from any system in the business! It makes one step towards going greener, so simple and so efficient! Visit our products site today or give us a call to find out more

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