VIDA is configurable to any lab environment

Our in-house team of software specialists programme VIDA to work with your lab equipment and to be accessible by all selected members of your lab teams.

New team members can be added and should you need to, they can also be removed. It is possible for lab teams to work on multi-projects at a time without sacrificing the security or accuracy of any data recorded.

The technical specifications of VIDA

  • VIDA makes a direct connection to a wide range of laboratory equipment via RS232 and USB
  • Store up to 50 million sample records with VIDA’s 8GB of onboard storage. This can also be expanded as much as you require.
  • Benefit from VIDA’s energy efficient processing power with silent fan-less functionality
  • Stay connected with VIDA’s built in ethernet and WiFi network, and a user interface with built-in WiFi hotspot
  • Access VIDA via your RFID card or barcode-based access for greater control and user-tracking
  • It is possible to gather barcode identification of samples recorded
  • VIDA has a high resolution touch LCD display for easy use within your lab
  • Its small, lightweight design means that VIDA sits easily and neatly alongside lab bench equipment
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