A data management solution for lab managers

VIDA is a data management solution designed for lab managers, technicians and lab teams who are looking to transform and clean-up their data management techniques, as well as align with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

A paperless data management solution with real-time insights, VIDA ensures a faster, more accurate and secure way of transferring raw data from your lab equipment.

Paper-free, secure data management system

VIDA transmits your data automatically from your lab equipment, with space to store 50 million sample records with its 8GB of memory that can be expanded as much as you require. VIDA can create CSVs and PDFs, and integrates with an ELN or LIMS database of your choice, but it can also be used as a standalone piece of equipment to improve all data management techniques. 

VIDA has an ethernet and WiFi network interface with a built-in WiFi hotspot to make connection as seamless as the flow of data. VIDA is an easy to use, responsive, and secure data management system.

Sync recorded data directly to your selected LIMS/ELN including Research Space, LabVantage, Labii and LabFolder. We also support other systems and VIDA implements a modular and extensible interface for connectivity.

Data Management Solution

VIDA provides process control and sample collection for laboratory equipment, recording sample measurement data, and barcode sample identification, time stamp and user. VIDA supports many popular makes and models of laboratory equipment including analytical balances, torque and PH meters. Recorded data is ID matched and VIDA has an intuitive LCD display that provides a simple and guided process for sample data collection.

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