October 16th 2020

VIDA is a revolutionary data collection technology that tracks, records and stores instrument measurement results and metadata.

It is possible that you can better meet regulatory and compliance standards with VIDA, to avoid costly fines and better manage the data in your lab. Available for trial in your lab, VIDA has been successfully used by Teesside University in a lab trial, reporting 100% accuracy on the scientific data collected.

Developed in close consultation with lab managers worldwide, VIDA is a compact and handheld technology that connects to standalone lab equipment, whether new or legacy. VIDA has been designed to ensure a seamless flow of data throughout your lab, capturing results directly from studies to eliminate the loss of raw data, making research more accurate and recordings guaranteed.

Electronic and paperless, VIDA eliminates the need for manual records and removes associated risks of human error. VIDA improves workflow as it allows employees to work on lab data instantly and securely, even if they’re not onsite which in turn can save lab time, the amount of staff needed, and equipment costs. Its overview dashboard also provides real-time equipment status information and tracks how many times a device has been used.

VIDA is configurable to each laboratory and our team of experts work closely with each lab throughout the design, manufacture and supply process to develop a solution that meets the day-to-day challenges of your lab.

Developed and manufactured at Martel Instruments’ Durham, UK head office, VIDA can be used internationally in laboratories and is compatible with all major equipment manufacturers.

Joanne Hockaday, VIDA Project Manager, said: “We are encouraging all laboratories to trial VIDA in their labs to experience its data collection capabilities. VIDA is a product that is like no other, it is secure and instant in transferring data and can save labs time and cost. The feedback we have had from labs so far has emphasised the impact that using VIDA has on data recording and transferring.”

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