Why is data management important?

The importance of data management systems in labs has increased as they become more essential to preserving the integrity of metadata. VIDA enables you to comply with laboratory and metadata best practices so you can experience the benefits of an improved data management, including never losing your raw data again.

Managing data in your labĀ 

LIMS and ELN systems are a big investment, but the quality of the data is only as accurate as the data that is input. VIDA makes all lab data the highest quality possible, recording with 100% accuracy every time, notifying of duplicate recordings.

VIDA connects to your standalone lab equipment and can be accessed by scanning your RFID cards to start your session. VIDA is configurable to your lab so it can work alongside your lab team processes to save you time and cost by improving your data management.

Watch the VIDA demonstration video below to see how VIDA can work in your lab.

The importance of data management systems

– Avoid costly fines for inaccurate data recordings
– Sharing data between colleagues is made easier and losing notes is no longer an issue
– Lab teams can access the benefits of managing data by working on the same projects, recording data to one central place
– It is possible to pause and restart research without leaving gaps in group projects
– Transferring data between systems can mean using insecure cloud storage or USBs/data banks
– A lot of time can be saved from data administration and input, providing more time to work on research and projects

why is data management important

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