Connect-it, powered by VIDA, that was developed to save time and help laboratories comply with regulations. Connect-it is a “virtual print” environment, that allows you to cut steps and streamline your processes. Some laboratory instruments, such as Gel Docs or spectrophotometers, print images and data directly. This requires staff to scan the readout back into the computer to maintain electronic records.

Connect-it can be plugged into any instrumentation via USB and saves the documents as a PDF instantaneously. This data can then be saved to a USB stick or configured to be sent directly to a folder in your internal database.

Connect-it streamlines processes – It saves time for staff, having to print the data or image, sign it, date it, and scan it back in. It can help with compliance to regulations around data management, such as 21 CFR part 11.

Connect-it is versatile – you can save the PDF documents wherever you like, as quickly as the instrument can take the measurements. It maintains accurate records by eliminating human error.

Connect-it can save you money by providing an instant upgrade to existing equipment and instrumentation, allowing you to comply with regulations and certifications around data collection without buying new “smart” equipment. It also helps support paperless laboratories as there is no need to print out images or data and stick it into a lab book, thereby also maximising the use of your LIMS or ELN.


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