5 tips to improve your laboratory’s workflow!

July 13th 2021

Just go with the flow! 5 tips to improve your laboratory’s workflow

  1. Create standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Creating an SOP for every procedure undertaken in the lab not only gets everyone on the same page, it makes your endpoint results more reliable and also keeps morale high. When staff members are confused in any way it can prevent them from being as productive as they usually might be. Truly effective SOPs also account for all the trouble-shooting and abnormalities that may occur in any experiment or process. It also helps with training of new staff and easing people into the role, but gets them up to speed faster by providing support.

  1. Regular and thorough communication

Implementing a regular meeting schedule, where staff can feed forward and back their results and experiences can improve efficiency at all levels and iron our issues as you go. Establishing proper channels of communication across all departments is the best way to achieve the best results.

  1. Automate

By automating wherever possible, you can increase workflow and streamline procedures. It can be something as simple as barcode labelling of samples to track the data through the system. This will also allow you to increase your work capacity.

  1. Know your capacity, and work within it

Be able to put an accurate figure on the capacity of your workflow. Consider staff force, instrumentation and business income to accurately assure you aren’t overloading your business with work. Knowing these figures can also enable you to pinpoint where any problems may lie and identify any bottlenecks.

  1. Employ an integrated LIMs system

Enhance all bits of kit in the lab using a fully integrated LIMs system that can do a large bulk of the hard work for you. By cutting time wasted on creation and storage of paper records, staff are free to be utilised more efficiently. Researchers can simply get more done, faster, and it also allows any problems in the workflow to be identified much quicker. Due to the storage and access to large volumes of data, collected over a longer period of time, those in leadership positions can access that and optimise the workflow where they see fit.


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