Revolutionary Data Collection Technology

VIDA is a revolutionary data collection technology that tracks, records and stores lab instrument measurement results and metadata.

Electronic and paperless, VIDA provides an innovative way to collect laboratory data, helping you better meet regulatory and compliance standards, transferring scientific data instantly and securely from your lab equipment to any LIMS or ELN systems.

VIDA in your lab

VIDA is an innovative way to collect data in your lab and sits above other digital data collection methods. Become a paperless laboratory with VIDA. It enables automated data collection from any lab equipment, stores the data, and transfers it directly to any ELN or LIMS system, improving laboratory workflow.

You can automate your lab with VIDA – watch our video to learn about its full suite of capabilities.

Digital data collection methods

Created in consultation with lab managers worldwide, VIDA works to eliminate the fines associated with inaccurate data reports and has recorded 100% accuracy in all lab trials to date.

VIDA outperforms all other types of digital data collection methods and manual practices, eliminating the risks that can be associated with inaccurate or duplicate recordings.

Maximise on your investment in LIMS and ELN systems by ensuring that all the data input is accurate. VIDA is the only data collection technology of its kind and is at the leading edge of innovative ways to collect data in labs.

Benefits of VIDA

  • Saves time, staff resources and equipment costs
  • 100% accuracy
  • Improves workflow
  • Track samples and users
  • Maximise investment in LIMS or ELN systems
  • No paper records
  • Maintain and schedule calibrations
  • Audit logs and session records for QC
  • Custom programmed software
  • Configured to your laboratory

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